MFJ-564B Iambic Dual Paddle Morse Code Black

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MFJ-564B Iambic Dual Paddle Morse Code - Black Base

What is Iambic Keying?

Iambic keying is an advanced CW skill that takes practice and time to master, 
but once learned reduces operator fatigue and may allow a modest improvement in sending speed.
Iambic keying requires a dual lever paddle such as the MFJ-564 Iambic Dual Paddle.
One lever is dedicated to sending dits, and the other lever is dedicated to sending dahs. 
Iambic keying involves squeezing both paddles – the first paddle to make contact sends its 
element (dit or dah) immediately followed by the opposite element. 
This continues as long as one or both paddles are squeezed. 
This allows many CW characters to be sent more efficiently.


Michael Brigmond Brand Manager GigaParts 10/25/2022

Deluxe Iambic Paddles

  • Red Paddles on Black Base
  • Full range adjustment in tension/contact spacing.
  • Self-adjusting nylon/steel needle bearings.
  • Machine frame
  • Non-Skid feet
  • Heavy base
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