MFJ MFJ-8704

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Micro ATV Amateur TV Transmitter

This tiny MFJ Micro ATV Transmitter lets you transmit a high quality Amateur Television video signal on 433.97 MHz (Cable channel 59). All you need to do is plug in an antenna and a video source -- your camcorder, camera, VCR or other. With an antenna and a TV set (or downconverter/TV) tuned to cable channel 59 you'll have a complete ATV video station.

The MFJ-8704 puts out a solid 50 - 100 mW signals. By using a suitable UHF power amplifier and high gain antenna, you can enjoy two way ATV communications over many, many miles with fellow ATV hams. Show you shack, rigs, antennas, family, vacation trips, hamfests. Give live seminars, lectures, demos. Put ATV on your radio controlled model airplanes, cars, boats, rockets. Great for RACES, sporting events like races, ballgames, parades, hat cam. Wear a tiny video camera on your hat and you transmit a hamfest live as it happens and record it remotely.

It's super easy-to-use. To transmit video simply connect video to the RCA phono connector and antenna to the BNC connector and connect a 9 volt batter or other 9 VDC source. You can use any standard NTSC or PAL composite video (1V pk-pk) source. The MFJ Micro ATV Transmitter can only be operated by a Technician class or higher licensed Radio Amateur. All transmissions must be directed to at least one other licensed Radio Amateur.

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