MFJ Manual tuner + SWR 18-60Mhz 60/300W MFJ-945E



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Great little tuner
Review by Joe
Have had no problems tuning my 6BTV on any band. Quite impressed with this great little tuner.
Great little manual tuner
Review by Steve
I am using this tuner at my base station. Have not tried it mobile or out in the woods. I am sure it would work outside, but it is not weatherproof, so it would need to be protected.

I have an approximately 41 foot end-fed wire, and about 24 feet of counterpoise in my limited space, and run only QRP (10 watts or less). Cannot tune all bands below 3:1 SWR; but can tune, for instance, 2.5:1 to 3:1 across the entire 80m band.

I also have a little 40m extendable whip that I am able to tune to 80, 20, and 6m (15 and 10 won't tune).

Overall, I really like this little tuner.
Works well AFTER repairing it !
Review by Chris D.
I Like the tuner, works well in a mobile ( or base ).

My only negative is, I have bought two of these at separate times, and BOTH needed to be repaired before I could use them.

I have found, this is VERY typical of MANY MFJ products I have purchased, VERY poor quality control.

I thank GIGA PARTS for making it right.

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