MFJ-2389 Vertical Compact 8-Band 80-2M + UHF 200W PEP

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MFJ-2389 Vertical Compact 8-Band 80-2M + UHF 200W PEP

MFJ-2389 Vertical Compact 8-Band Antenna

MFJ-2389 8-Band Stealth Antennas

MFJ-2389 8-Band Stealth Antennas offer multi-band capabilities for hams with limited space for an antenna.

These 8-band vertical antennas from MFJ were specifically designed for confined and restricted space installations, as well as for temporary and portable use.

Their radial system has the radials attached to two collars.

The collars may be rotated and fixed in place, so all of the radials may be located on one side of the antenna.

Use this feature for side-mounting on a tower; or against a wall for stealth operation.

Each HF band (and 6 meters) has its own tuning stub.

MFJ-2389 Vertical Compact 8-Band Antenna

8 popular bands in one antenna!

  • You get a 1/4 Wave on HF, 80-6 Meters, a 1/2 Wave and 2.15 dBi gain on 2 Meters and a 5/8 Wave with 5.5 dBi gain on 440 MHz.
  • SWR is 1.5:1 or less and it handles 200 Watts PEP SSB, 150 Watts on 6M to 70CM on FM.
  • Super lightweight at less than 6 lbs. and just 8.5 feet tall, this antenna lets you mount in a restricted space environment such as an attic or balcony.
  • Its ground radial system is built-in, so no fooling with counterpoise wires.
  • Has SO-239 feedpoint connection.
Brand: MFJ
Manufacturer's Part Number: MFJ-2389
GigaParts Number: ZMF-2389
Part Type: HF Stealth Antenna Systems
Product Line: MFJ-2389 8-Band Stealth Antennas
Stealth Antenna System Maximum Power: 200 W
Mounting Plate Material: Aluminum
Automatic Remote Tuner Included: No
Antenna Wire Included: No
Antenna Wire Insulators Included: No
Radial Wire Included: No
Antenna Rope Included: No
Weight: 5.400 lbs.
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