bhi NES10-2 MK3

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bhi Amplified DSP Noise Eliminating Speaker

Get rid of noise and interference with this compact amplified DSP noise-canceling speaker!

The NES10-2 MK3 DSP Noise Eliminating Speaker removes unwanted background noise and interference, white noise, hiss, hash, plasma TV interference etc, to leave clear speech.
Using unique DSP noise-canceling technology it differentiates the speech from the noise and works on all radio bands enabling you to listen stress-free!
The NES10-2 MK3 has a power on/off bypass switch underneath the speaker, a DSP filter on/off switch on top, with a rotary filter control knob on the rear allowing the user to change the filter level easily whilst listening to a signal on the speaker.

  • Fully adaptive DSP noise canceling 9 to 35dB
  • Power on/off switch with audio bypass
  • 8 noise canceling filter levels
  • Compact robust speaker housing
  • 2.5 Watts audio
  • 3.5mm mono headphone socket (will also drive another speaker)
  • Easy to install with adjustable metal mounting bracket
  • 12 – 24V DC operation
  • Input volume control
  • 2m audio lead with integral 3.5mm mono jack plug
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