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Palstar Dummy Load Solid-State - 150Mhz (Fan/Meter)

Like its predecessor DL2K, the Palstar DL5K was born out of the need for a dummy load that allows for more time to tune your amp at high power. Most dummy loads don't have the real world power load capability needed by Ham operators who run high-power amplifiers. The Next-Generation Palstar DL5K Dummy Load for amateur radio can handle a full 5000W for up to a half a minute and 1000W continuously. The DL5K has thermostatically-controlled dual fan cooling, so the fans only run when needed.

One user wrote: "The DL5K is a simple yet rugged design. 2 massive 100 ohm resistors chew the kilowatts away. When the 2 fans kick in, the dummy load screams like a jetliner taking it, you will not regret it" - PA3DUV. 

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