UHF DVMega/Pi3 Kit Assembled

UHF DVMega/Pi3 Kit Assembled SKU: PBHW01


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UHF DVMega/Pi3 Kit Assembled

The DVMEGA Hotspot allows you to connect your digital amateur radio to nearly any worldwide network without being in range of a repeater. Connecting it to the internet is simple with a wired or wireless connection(Wi-Fi or Bluetooth). Configure the DVMEGA Hotspot with a web browser or take complete control with a command line interface

Please use this link for Pi-Star initial set-up

UHF DSTAR radio for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Project Board

16GB MicroSD Card w/ DV MEGA OS Image Pre-Installed

5.1VDC 2.5A Regulated AC Power Adapter - 48" Cord with Micro USB Plug for Raspberry Pi 3

HT antenna, 2m/70cm/33cm, SMA, 1in

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