Rebate & Coupon Policy

Why do manufacturer's issue coupons and rebates?

From time to time, radio manufacturers issue coupons, rebates, and other specials to become more competitive in a certain product segment or as a promotion such as a Hamfest or a Manufacturer's Day at GigaParts.



How do I qualify for a manufacturer's coupon or rebate?

Each promotion has its own set of rules. Typically, most promotions use "instant rebates." Prices on our website reflect these rebates and we redeem them from the manufacturer for you. Some coupons may be listed as a "mail-in coupon" which is common when the promotion is not a discount, but rather a free piece of equipment such as a "Free Heil Microphone with purchase of Kenwood HF rig."



What if I order my radio the day before a promotion begins?

If your order has already been processed before an instant rebate takes effect, then the manufacturer will not honor our rebate and we will not be able to pass it on to you. If your order is processed during the promotion period, then you will receive the instant rebate. If the promotion is a mail-in coupon, then we have no control over the coupon.



What if my order qualifies for a promotion but GigaParts is out of stock on the item?

EXCEPT FOR YAESU ITEMS, if stock is available from the manufacturer, your items will be placed on backorder and will still qualify for the promotion. If stock is not available from the manufacturer, we will notify you and let you decide if you would like to keep your item on backorder or cancel your order at no charge. If you decide to keep your item on backorder, we will let you know if you will still qualify for the promotion.


What if I have a question that you didn't answer here?

Then you are entirely too inquisitive. You must be a ham! Please contact us and we'll be happy to answer your question!