Remote Mount Kit DMR Mobile (w/ Control head) 6M



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Cost is prohibitive for most, BUT
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The control head picture is misleading, the process to install this is about removing the control head from the radio and sticking it in a drawer. They send you a new control head that mates to the cable that is shown. The radio you see, if you look closely is really the control head with the installation bracket attached, The plate you see, is cover with the connector that goes on the front of the radio. This is a commercial product, where function overrides cost, so for Amateurs, you will be paying the cost of another radio to remote the head on your Hytera MD-782. The cable is bulky and would not be easy to conceal. I put my radio on the floor in the back seat, where the air vent from the air conditioner hits it. This worked out well for me. I also made a mount that attaches to the rear seat bolts, and holds the control head over my center console securely. This product looks like it was engineered as an afterthought, and that's why it is so expensive to make, and expensive to buy. I gave it three stars for two reasons, one is the cost, and one is for how bulky the cable is. In my opinion, it could have been done much simpler, and for less money

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