RFinder HCP-1 Portable Digital HotSpot

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This item is currently end of life. Please check back for the HCP3 coming soon!

RFinder Dual Slot Battery Operated HotSpot

You've been waiting for something like this; a hotspot that is so HOT so that it had to be named the Chili Peppa!

Portable, so easy to carry you can place it in your shirt pocket!

Dual Slot, built on the MMDVM platform!  STM32 dual-slot Pi-Hat controller!

Works on DMR / D-STAR and Fusion

Quad-Band!  144mHz, 220mHz, 440mHz and 800mHz!

Built on a Raspberry Pi Zero W 16GHz single-core CPU and 512MB RAM.  Mini-HDMI and Micro-USB (x2) output.

Internal Battery; no cables!  Charges very fast at .8A. 

Will go most of the day unless it is getting hammered!  3000mAh lithium-ion battery!

Runs off of the software you're already familiar with; Pi-Star*!  

Pi-Star is already loaded on a 16GB SD card, so it is ready to go as soon as you are!


Support for the RFinder products is available via Support


**Please note, the power cable can be removed when charging for a hard reboot.  The soft power button on the side of the device should be used to turn the device on and off when a hard reboot is not necessary**


Quick SetUp for the HCP-1

1.) Power up the HCP-1

2.) After 3 minutes, scan for Wi-Fi access points from your phone or laptop.  One should appear with the name "Pi-Star-Setup"

3.) Connect to it with Wi-Fi.  When asked for the Wi-Fi password, type in: raspberry

4.) Go to your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc) and for Windows, Linux and Android devices connect to the website: HTTP://pi-star HTTP://pi-star but for macOS and iOS devices connect to: HTTP://pi-star.localHTTP://pi-star.local 

5.) Go to Configuration: You will be asked to put in the default username which is pi-star and the default password which is raspberry

6.) Configure it to your requirements as any pi-star device.  There are many tutorials on the internet for all the different possibilities of an MMDVM device!


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