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Customer Reviews

The SharkRf openspot does its job well!
Review by Dan
I am really impressed with the SharkRf openSPOT's performance! I am not dropping any packets now and my transmissions are no longer off and on sounding R2-D2-ish/robotic! I plan to soon buy a good portable mini router and a good portable power bank to provide power so that I can use the SharkRf openSPOT on the go!
Great Product
Review by Alan, W3AL
I am brand new to DStar and had never used DStar prior to this. Picked up an OpenSpot from GigaParts at Hamcation in Orlando after a recommendation from KJ4YZI, Eric, whom I had just met.

Got home and setting this device up could not have been easier. Plenty of videos on YouTube and lots of forums and help available.

Set up took no more than 10 to 15 minutes including unpacking.

Took considerable more time to figure out my new ID51 hand-held but got that set and was able to hear many stations on many different reflectors.

Could not transmit however. SharkRF forum provided a quick answer, I was not registered on the DStar network. Got registered and was on the air.

I can go anywhere in and around my house and have flawless connectivity with the OpenSpot. It is well made and a recent firmware update provides lots of cool features.

I love that it is so small and a great feature is that the device is weighted so that it does not flop around from the power cord or Ethernet cable being plugged in. I know this is not at all technical but is an indication of just how well thought out this device is.

Being a complete newbie regarding DStar I was afraid setting up the OpenSpot would require a steep learning curve. Not at all! If you want something that is plug and play this is it!

Highly recommend the OpenSpot.

Al, W3AL

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