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Swiftech H220-X CPU Liquid Cooling Kit - Used

This cooler was returned after a customer tried to install in into his computer but it would not fit.  There are a few scratches on it.  Picture included is promotional, actual product may look slightly different.

The patent pending H220-X liquid cooling system is Swiftech's next generation all-in-one CPU cooler featuring a dual 120mm copper radiator, and enthusiast grade pump and waterblock. As in previous Swiftech® offerings, the product remains entirely focused on low to inaudible operating noise with extreme thermal performance, and it is engineered to appeal to the broadest possible spectrum of performance oriented users:

The kit is shipped factory pre-filled, ready for plug-and-play installation, and it is maintenance free during its warranty period. 
Both Swiftech's powerful MCP30 pump and high-pressure Helix fans are PWM compliant devices, allowing the H220-X to be recognized and speed-controlled by the motherboard depending on CPU temperature, just like a regular cooling fan. 
As a bonus, the system also includes our PWM splitter allowing connection of up to 8 PWM devices which can then be controlled as one by the motherboard. 
Finally, thanks to a clear and user-friendly pictorial installation guide, it could not be easier to install and setup!
The system can be entirely customized thanks to easily replaceable tubing and fittings. 
Thanks to its powerful pump it can support additional liquid cooled components such as graphics cards and/or additional radiator(s). 
The factory fittings can now be upgraded to any G1/4 compatible after-market fittings (an optional adapter is needed for the pump outlet and is available here), which will allow enthusiast users to upgrade their system to 1/2" ID tubing if they wish to.
The H220-X leverages Swiftech's patent pending technology initially developed with the MCR-X20 Drive series of radiators; in this technology, the pump is fully integrated into the radiator instead of being built into the waterblock. Two major improvements were implemented compared to the original MCR-X20 series of radiators:

thanks to a revised placement of the pump and reservoir, the H220-X radiator is now the most compact dual 120mm heat exchanger on the market, thus facilitating installation of the unit with any dual radiator compatible case.

the reservoir is now transparent and LED backlit, allowing users to inspect the coolant level while enjoying the inner workings of the pump as can be seen below in a customized system that we presented for CES 2014.
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