TennaTronix KTT-1

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This item has been replaced by the KTT-480 and the KTT-2000.

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Turbo Tuner 2 for Kenwood **Not compatible with the HiQ-5 Antenna** Compatible with most Tarheel, Hi-Q, Scorpion, High Sierra, and Diamond motorized screwdriver antennas. Plug and Play with your radio. No calibration required. Just plug it in and tune (after one-time setup) Fully automatic adjustment of the screwdriver antenna. The TurboTuner-2 will find the lowest SWR for a given frequency. Tuning is performed at 5 - 10 watts. Motor output current up to 1.5 amps for driving larger screwdriver antennas. Motor control lines are RFI filtered. Park function automatically lowers the antenna to its lowest position.
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