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Tigertronics SignaLink USB for 6-Pin mini DIN


  • FCC Certified - Unlike many competitors, the SignaLink USB has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
  • Built-in Low Noise Sound Card - This provides optimum performance and frees your computer's existing sound card for other uses. It also greatly simplifies installation and operation, by reducing the number of cable connections, and by providing consistent performance that is independent of the computer's sound card.
  • Simple Installation - The SignaLink USB has only one USB connection to the computer, and in most cases, only one connection to the radio* There are no audio cables to get mixed-up!
  • Easy Setup and Operation - The SignaLink USB's built-in sound card provides consistent audio levels and performance that is completely independent of the computer's sound card. This lets us streamline our Audio Level Setting procedure like never before. Simply set the software "Transmit" audio controls as described in the SignaLink manual, and then adjust the SignaLink's front panel "TX" control for the desired RF power level. Setting of the RX Level is even easier, as this is done completely by the SignaLink front panel "RX" control. There are no software "Recording" controls to adjust!
  • Convenient Front Panel Controls - You can now easily adjust your TX Audio, RX Audio and Transmit Delay without having to open the SignaLink case. This lets you optimize your Transmit Audio (RF Power), Receive Audio level ("waterfall drive"), and Transmit "Hang Time" delay "on the fly"!
  • Works with ALL Radio Mic, Data, and Accessory Ports - The SignaLink USB works with ALL radios, and can be attached to your radios Mic, Data, or Accessory port. This allows most users to attach the SignaLink to the back of the radio (Data or Accessory Port) and leave the microphone plugged in!
  • Supports All Sound Card Digital & Voice Modes - The SignaLink USB supports ALL Digital and Voice modes that are available for sound card interfaces. This includes ALL traditional modes such as CW, RTTY, AMTOR, and SSTV (to name a few), and ALL new modes such as PSK-31, MT-63, and EchoLink. All standard sound card communications programs will work with the SignaLink USB.
  • Complete Isolation - Unlike some interfaces on the market, ALL SignaLink models COMPLETELY isolate your computer from your radio. This eliminates troublesome ground loops and prevents hum and noise from degrading the signals. The SignaLink USB provides isolation through the use of audio transformers and a relay-based PTT keying circuit.
  • Transmit Audio / "Side Tone" Output - A rear panel "Monitor" jack can be used with headphones or powered (amplified) speakers to monitor your Transmit Audio, or Side Tone during CW operation.
  • External Speaker Support - If your installation requires that you attach the SignaLink to your radio's External Speaker jack, then you can plug an external speaker or headphones into the SignaLink's rear panel "Aux" jack and continue to hear your RX Audio.
  • No External Power Required - The SignaLink USB is always powered by the computer's USB port, so external power is NEVER required.

What's Included?

  • SignaLink USB main unit
  • Driver mini-CD
  • Internal Jumper wire pin-out instructions (Don't feel like messin' with tiny wires inside? Buy the 6-pin Jumper Module instead.)
  • USB Cable (to the computer)
  • 6-pin mini-DIN cable (to the radio)

Compatible Radios Include:


IC-207, IC-207H,
IC-208, IC-208H
IC-2720, IC-2720H
IC-2800, IC-2820
IC-910, IC-910H


TM-271**, TM-271A**
TM-D700, TM-D700A
TM-D710, TM-D710A, TM-D710E
TM-V7, TM-V7A, TM-V71A
TS-480, TS-480HX, TS-480SAT

**European TM-271/271A models only


FT-100, FT-100D
FT-817, FT-817ND
FT-450, FT-450D
FT-857, FT-857D
FT-897, FT-897D
FT-991, FT-991A
FT-1500, FT-1500M
FT-7800, FT-7800R
FT-7900, FT-7900R
FT-8800, FT-8800R,
FT-8900, FT-8900R
FTM-350 *The FTM-350 requires a Yaesu CT-141 adapter to convert from 8-pin mini-din to standard 6-pin mini-din
FTM-400 *The FTM-400 requires a Yaesu CT-164 adapter to convert from 10-pin mini-din to standard 6-pin mini-din

**Data Port supports VHF & UHF Packet only.

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