Used AL-811H 800W Output Linear Amplifier SN26417 w/ARB-704

Used AL-811H 800W Output Linear Amplifier SN26417 w/ARB-704 SKU: ZUS-1562


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Used AL-811H 800W Output Linear Amplifier SN26417 w/ARB-704

This item is being sold as used, but has been tested by our technicians and assessed to be in like-new condition.  This means that it does not come with a warranty, and that any exterior scractches or imperfections are considered superflous and non-deleterious to the expected performance of this amplifier. 

800W Output Linear Amplifier

Only the AMERITRON AL-811H gives you four fully neutralized 811A transmitting tubes. You get absolute stability and superb performance on higher bands that can’t be matched by un-neutralized tubes.

You also get efficient full-size heavy duty tank coils, computer grade capacitors, heavy duty high silicon core power transformer, slug tuned input coils, operate/standby switch, transmit LED, ALC, dual meters, QSK compatibility with QSK-5 option and much more!

General Specifications: 

  • Output Power: 800 Watts PEP, 600 Watts CW.
  • All Band Operation: Covers 160 - 15 Meters including WARC bands. Can be user modified for 12 and 10 meters.
  • Four 8``A Tubes: Uses four rugged, full neutralized low cost 811A PA tubes.
  • Vertical Tube Mounting: Prevents shorting of tube filament/grid, prolongs tube life.
  • Fully Neutralized: Improves stability and performance on higher bands.
  • Input Tune Circuit: Adjustable rear panel slug tuned input circuit.
  • ALC Control: Built-in adjustable ALC control.
  • Vernier Reduction Drives: Tuning and loading reduction drives make tuning smooth and easy.
  • Dual Illuminated Meters: Monitor vital operating functions.
  • Heavy Duty Power Supply: 17 pounds, high silicone steel core transformer and computer grade filter capacitor gives 1700 volts high voltage at no load and 1500 Volts at full load.
  • Multi-Voltage Operation: User selectable for 100/110/120/210/220/230 VAC operation. Shipped with transformer installed and wired for 120 VAC for domestic model or 240 VAC for export model.
  • Air-Cooled: Quiet pressurized ventilation keeps tubes safely cooled.
  • QSK Compatible: Optional external electronic pin diode Transmit/Receive switch.
  • Operating Weight: 32 pounds.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
and included is the Ameritron ARB-704
The ARB-704 advanced interface is compatible with all common radios and amplifiers even though radios and amplifiers do not have standardized voltages, accessory plugs, or wiring. This interface is designed to work with any amplifier/radio combination.

The input is designed to be compatible with any transmitter or transceiver, and the output is compatible with AC control lines or DC positive or negative amplifier control lines having up to 200 Volts peak open circuit voltage and 300 mA of operating current.

Why you need the ARB-704

Amplifiers can damage radios if the amplifier has too much relay control voltage, voltage spikes, or excessive current on the relay control line. Such damage often appears as "stuck" or "sticky" transmit relays in exciters or shorted transistors on transmit control lines. In most cases where the radio is damaged, the system transmits normally but the external amplifier stays locked in a "transmit" mode. This prevents receive signals from coming through the amplifier with normal levels whenever the amplifier is in the "ON" or "OPERATE" position.

The ARB-704 has many electrical advantages over conventional relay buffer systems. The ARB-704 has no moving parts, switches almost instantaneously. It is noiseless, has very long life, and will not develop dirty contacts. It operates with negative, AC, or positive amplifier relay control lines.

It works with any relay voltage(AC, positive or negative) up to 200 peak volts and any relay current up to 300 mA. The ARB-704 is fully compatible with conventional amplifier relay systems. It is especially suited for buffering vacuum relay QSK amplifiers, since the ARB-704 does not affect attack or release times in a deleterious manner.

The ARB-704 operates with transmitters or transceivers that pull amplifier control lines to ground, or output a wide range of positive or negative control voltages. The transmitter only switches currents under .35 milliamperes and very low voltages when using the ARB-704. Measures a super compact 4-1/4W x 1-3/4H x 2-1/4D inches

The ARB-704 is supplied with the following:
  • One power connector cord and plug with red wire (+12 Volts) and black wire (- and ground).
  • Three phono (RCA) cord with connectors on each end. These cables are for relay, ALC and amplifier control lines.

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