Used Yaesu G-450A SN7E080141

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Used Yaesu G-450A ***Connectors have been soldered on.***

Light Duty - 360 Degree Turning Radius w/ Overlaps, 10 Sq. Ft. (Rotor Diameter 7 1/2in, Rotor Height 12 1/2in, Mast Diameter 1 1/2 - 2 1/2in)

The Yaesu G-450A is the ideal antenna rotator for VHF and UHF antennas or small tribanders. The G-450A handles a wind load of 10 Sq. Ft. and a vertical load of 242 lbs. with a rotation range of 360 degrees.


-Wind Load: 1m
-K-Factor: 100
-Stationary Torque: 3,000kg/cm
-Rotation Torque: 600kg
-Max. Vert. Intermittent Load: 100kg
-Backlash: 0.5°
-Mast Size: 32 - 63 Ø
-360° Rotation Time: 63sec/50Hz
-Rotator Diameter x Height: 180Ø x 263
-Weight: 3.2kg

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