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The NEDSP1062-KBD amplified module employs the same DSP technology as the basic PCB module. In addition it has an integral microcontroller, connected to a small keyboard assembly. The microcontroller and keyboard provide single button operation of all the module’s functions. The button switches the noise cancellation on/off and changes the DSP noise cancellation level. In addition the unit stores the last used DSP level, so when power is reapplied the unit will default to the last used setting.

The module features:

  • 4 or 8 levels noise cancellation (selectable)

  • Fully adaptive noise cancellation up to 35dB
  • Audio bypass when switched off
  • Virtually no distortion to the speech
  • Frequency response 50Hz - 4.3KHz
  • Visual and audible indication of DSP level
  • Input and Output level controls
  • 3 watts output (4 ohms)
  • Small size 37 x 50mm
  • 12 - 18VDC voltage supply range
  • Supplied with kit: labels, fused dc power lead and full installation instructions.

The module is inserted into the target circuit in line with the loudspeaker. The power connector comes prewired with a 2.1mm power connector, and corresponding fused power lead. The control keyboard is mounted in a convenient location, and finished with a supplied label. The NEDSP1062-KBD module comes complete with installation instructions for Kenwood SP-31 and Yaesu SP-8 speakers, along with generic instructions for most other types of amateur radio extension speakers.

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