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West Mountain Radio - ISOpwr - Auxiliary Battery Isolator

  • ISOpwr connects the vehicle’s battery system to an auxiliary battery. Equipment powered from the auxiliary battery never drains the vehicle’s battery.
  • Whenever the vehicle’s engine is running the auxiliary battery is being charged. Whenever the engine is not running, the auxiliary battery is disconnected from the vehicle’s battery.
  • Your automotive battery is never drained, and your auxiliary battery is always recharged by running the engine.
  • Also while the engine is running the alternator is supplying power to the equipment connected to the auxiliary battery.


  • ISOpwr is a solid-state switch using a high powered FET. The switch turns on whenever the car’s alternator is running and turns off when it is not running. The switching point is 13.5 volts. The FET safely handles 40 amperes and is protected with a 40 ampere ATC blade fuse.
  • There are three sets of Powerpole® connectors; an INPUT to connect to the car’s battery system, a BATTERY connector to go to the auxiliary battery, and an OUTPUT to run to you 12 volt equipment, such as your two way radio.
  • There is a green LED on the ISOpwr to indicate that the vehicle’s battery system is connected to the auxiliary battery.
  • It is packaged in a small heatsink which will get warm whenever the current supplied reaches near 40 amperes for a considerable length of time.
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