Xiegu X6100 HF/50MHz All Mode Portable Transceiver

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Xiegu X6100 HF/50MHz All Mode Portable Transceiver

Xiegu X6100 HF/50MHz All Mode Portable Transceiver

The New Generation of Xiegu: the Xiegu X6100, an ultra-portable short-wave transceiver that adopts high-performing SDR software radio platform architecture, powerful baseband and RF units, transmitting and receiving separated dual-channel structure and 24bit sampling and large dynamic RF front-end unit, can obtain extremely high radio transmitting and receiving indicators.
The whole device integrates rich and varied operation functions and desktop-like functions, such as recording call, variable bandwidth digital filter, digital noise reduction and so on, which brings you a new cognition and experience on amateur radio. With its compact structure and appearance, you can immediately set forth on a journey with it, get close to nature, and enjoy the fun of outdoor communication.

X6100 adopts an independent baseband and RF unit. The baseband unit provides control, advanced data processing, signal digital processing, and multimedia interface functions, and can add new functions continuously through system upgrades. The RF unit adopts the SDR structure, to receive and transmit the radio signals, and uses the dual-channel structure with separate transmitting and receiving under the cooperation of the 24-bit sampling.   The large dynamic RF front-end unit is beautiful, it can obtain extremely high radio indicators, making it no longer difficult to listen to the world.

The whole transceiver provides two USB interfaces, supporting both the HOST and the DEVICE. It has an upgradeable external TF card, which is used to store channel information or voice information. It provides an ACC interface with a dedicated cable and it can be directly connected to the XPA125B amplifier to achieve automatic control. It provides a 3.5mm-KEY interface for the connection of hand keys and automatic keys. It provides an S/P interface, which can be customized as an external speaker or earphone through menu selection. The whole machine also provides an IQ signal output interface, which is used to connect to external sampling equipment for auxiliary reception.

This new flagship SDR product has enhanced baseband architecture that includes:

  • built-in battery
  • built-in ATU
  • built-in Mic
  • built-in SWR scanner
  • voice call
  • digital filter
  • preset messages
  • digital noise reduction
  • FFT bandscope and waterfall
  • data modem
  • IQ Signal output

Also Featuring:

  • USB Host/Device
  • 4in Display, 800 x 400
  • 4-Core Processor, 4G ROM, 512M RAM
  • USB Control Support
  • Automatic PC Telegram Support
  • Bluetooth
  • WIFI-Ready
  • Keyboard and Mouse Support
  • High-Performance SDR Framework


It shall be noted when using wireless LAN or Bluetooth devices that when other wireless devices, such as wireless mouse, wireless keyboard and wireless router, work in the same
frequency band, they may interfere with each other, resulting in unstable or interrupted connection of the device. In such case, please keep away from other devices or stop using
those devices.

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