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This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please look at the ZYS-FT-70DR for the newer model.

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The new FT-1XDR includes an improved GPS receiver that employ the latest in GPS technology providing faster and more accurate satellite searching functionality. These advancements will reduce GPS Time-to-First- Fix (TTF) thereby speeding up navigation and telemetry functions. The FT-1XDR also comes with a large capacity SBR-14Li 2200mAh Li-ion Battery, giving the operator more valuable standby and talk time.
The new FT-1XDR provides three digital modes (V/D mode, Voice FR mode, Data FR mode) and a Analog mode:
-V/D mode is Voice and Data communication in the same time frame. This mode enables the transceiver to send voice data with GPS position data and ID data in the same time frame. Also, this mode can pass the voice data with strong error correction data to stabilize the digital communication. This mode will be the basic mode of C4FM FDMA Digital HAM radio.
-Data FR mode uses the full rate of data capacity for transferring data. This mode enables you to transfer large amounts of data, text messages, images, and voice memo data with double speed in V/D mode.
-Voice FR mode uses the full rate of data capacity for voice data. This mode enables you to transfer clear, high quality voice data.
-Analog FM mode is the same as current FM mode allowing you to communicate with all VHF/UHF HAM radio operators.
The new FT-1XDR has very useful Automatic Mode Select function to identify and automatically select these four modes and when the radio receives a signal.
We included many additional features in the FT-1XDR to make it standard digital communication equipment for all Amateur Radio operators
Compact Size
Case: 2.4"(W) x 3.7"(H) x 1.1"(D) without knob, antenna and belt clip 
Weight: 9.35 Oz with battery and antenna

Rugged Case with Water Protection
The FT-1XDR has a very rugged case with a Water Protection IPX5 Rating making it PERFECT for extreme environments, field and outdoor use

High Power and Long Life Operation
You can depend on up to 5 watts of reliable power output. There are four steps of power output, 5 watts, 2.5 watts, 1 watt and 0.1 watt.

Illuminated Keyboard
Fully illuminated keyboard that will permit easy operation in dark environments

User-friendly Intuitive and Easy-to-Master Operations
The FT-1XDR is extremely user-friendly, with a wide range of functions that can be called up directly. An easy-to-understand hierarchical menu is also used for the setting modes that allows customization of the FT-1XDR and makes it convenient to use. Press the ENT key to move to a lower level of the hierarchy, press the DISP key to return to a higher level, and turn the dial to select items or set values. These simple operations can be used to adapt the FT-1XDR to many communication situations

Real Dual Band Operation (V+V/U+U/V+U)
With two independent receivers, you may listen to either the same or a different band simultaneously.

AF Dual Control
Listen to AM or FM radio stations while monitoring two frequency channels! Two independent receivers will allow you to listen to your favorite AM or FM broadcast station, and monitor two different bands (“Band A” and “Band B”) at the same time.

The Automatic Mode Selection
The Automatic Mode Select function detects the receive signal mode. The transceiver automatically selects one of the four communication modes according to the signal received. This is extremely convenient when listening for communications, as you do not need to be aware of the other party’s communication mode. The transceiver can also be operated in a fixed communication mode.

Snapshot Picture Taking Capability
When using the handy speaker microphone camera (optional MH-85A11U), press the shutter button to capture a snapshot, then press the image transmit button to easily transmit the image data. 

The snapshot image or received data is stored in a high capacity micro SD card that is installed in the radio. You can recall and send that image data from the SD card anytime. The image data size is 320 x 240 dots or 160 x 120 dots. Image quality can set from 3 types, and you can choose a format that is suitable for the image and purpose. 

This image data also retains a time record and the GPS location data of the snapshot. It is easy to view and edit the data file after taking the pictures by using a personal computer. 

A snapshot aids in navigating and returning to the pictured location; other various uses are possible.

Digital Group Monitor Function
The digital GM function automatically checks whether members registered in a group are within communication range, and displays information such as distance and direction for each call sign on the screen. This convenient function makes it possible not only to see whether any friends are in communication range, but also to instantaneously determines the location and relationship between all members of the group. 

This function can also be used to send messages and data such as images between members of a group, permitting convenient and fun communication between friends when out for a drive or hike. Sent and received messages and images can be checked on the LOG List screen, with icons making them easy to distinguish.

Band Scope
The FT-1XDR includes a high resolution band-scope with about 50 channels.

Wideband Receive Coverage
Covers 504 kHz - 999.900 MHz (A Band), 108 MHz - 580 MHz (B Band), continuous reception for short-wave, FM/AM broadcasts, aircraft, public service channels, etc.

Preset Receiver Function - NOAA Weather, Marine, Shortwave
Preset Receiver Function with an Extensive Range of Major Broadcasting Stations and Various Wireless Information Services. The FT-1XDR has a preset receiver function with various frequencies in memories, making it easy to call up stations in the various communication services. The frequencies include short-wave broadcasts, international (marine) VHF and NOAA Weather channels.

Built-in GPS
Integral GPS receiver and antenna (located on top of the radio) provides location, time, direction and APRS® information. The FT-1XDR has a very useful GPS data transmission capability.

1200/9600bps APRS® Data Communication
The built-in worldwide standard AX.25 Data TNC Modem permits uncomplicated APRS® (Automatic Packet Reporting System) operation. You will be able to display the information, station list; and use the message, SmartBeaconing TM function . You will be able to track your APRS® movement on the Internet websites.

Smart Navigation Function
This is a real-time navigation function that records the location and direction of Group Monitor (GM) stations. Digital V/D Mode communicates information such as position data at the same time as the voice signal, allowing you to view the distance and direction of the other party in real time while communicating. This makes it possible to confirm your position and the other party’s in situations such as hiking and driving where your positions are constantly changing, providing an easy way to meet up or join routes.

Backtrack Function to Return to Departure Point
This function allows navigation back to the departure point, or a point previously added to the memory. When hiking or camping, just register the starting point or the position of your tent and then you can constantly check the direction and distance from your current position. The arrow of the compass display constantly shows the direction to the registered point, making it extremely convenient in finding your way back to the registered place – just move in the direction so that the arrow in the heading-up display 
points straight upward.

Lots of Memory Channels and Features
The FT-1XDR includes 1266 channel memories; 24 100-channel memory banks; memory TAG up to 16 characters.

We were sure to include versatile scanning capabilities for the monitoring enthusiasts!

DTMF Features
Functional DTMF Encode and Memory features are included

Selective Call / Pager Features
Built-in CTCSS, DCS and an all new PAGER function encode/decode enables multiple-use selective calling features.

Vibrate Alert
Select from three types of Vibrate Alert functions

Data Terminal for Data Communication
A Data terminal is located on the side of the radio. The optional camera equipped microphone (MH-85A11U) may be connected to this terminal. Your Personal Computer may also be connected to this terminal to transfer the data or update the firmware of the radio

Micro SD Card Slot
A micro SD card slot is provided on the side of the radio. Memory back-up, the picture image data and other useful information is stored on the high capacity micro SD card (Maximum 32GB). The GPS logger records the location and track information of your moving station, which may be shown later by using Map software on your personal computer, By using the SD card, it is also possible to clone the radio data to the other compatible radios.

Accurate 24 Hour Clock
The FT-1XDR GPS receiver is used to provide a highly accurate 24 hour Clock for your various needs.

Password Lock
Password Lock function to meet you security concerns.

Improved AM Broadcast Reception
An Internal Bar Antenna ensures better than normal AM broadcast band reception

Other Features
- High-intensity White LED for Emergency Illumination 
- Built-in sensor provides accurate temperature readings. 
- Built in On/Off Timer 
- Automatic Power Off 
- Time-out Timer 
- Battery saving features
Yaesu FT-1XDR Transceiver
SBR-14LI 7.2V 2200 mAh Battery
SAD-14B AC Adapter
SCU-19 Yaesu USB Interface Cable
YHA-72 Rubber Flex Antenna
Operating Manual
Warranty Card
Belt Clip
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