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The Yaesu MD-100A8X Desktop Microphone works great with several radio models. This desktop mic is equipped with a Scan Switch, PTT (push to talk) Switch, High Emphasis Switch, a Low Cut Switch and a special cable that can terminate to a Yaesu 8 pin microphone plug or modular plug.

-Transducer Type: Dynamic

-Frequency Response: 100-5000Hz
-Sensitivity: -75dB (0 dB=1 V/0.1 Pascal)
-Impedance: 500 ohms unbalanced
-Weight: 24 ounces

Attention: The MD-100A8X will not work on Yaesu mobile radios due to differences in impedance.

Works great with these radios:

  • FT-1000MP
  • FT-1000MP MKV
  • FT-1000MP MKV Field
  • FT-1000D
  • FT-2000
  • FT-2000D
  • FT-450
  • FT-450D
  • FT-817
  • FT-817ND
  • FT-840
  • FT-847
  • FT-857
  • FT-857D
  • FT-897
  • FT-897D
  • FT-900
  • FT-920
  • FT-950
  • FT-991
  • FTDX-1200
  • FTDX-3000
  • FTDX-5000
  • FTDX-5000D
  • FTDX-5000MP
  • FTDX-5000MPL
  • FTDX-9000
  • FTDX-9000D
  • FTDX-9000MP
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