MFJ-1205D13K2 USB Rig Interface Unit For Kenwood TS-440/690

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MFJ USB Rig Interface Unit For Kenwood TS-440/690 - MFJ-1205D13K2

The MFJ-1205 USB Radio Interface is a straightforward and high-performing tool for digital communication. With its USB connectivity, it can be easily powered and used with any computer, making it incredibly simple to set up and operate. It comes with a dedicated on-board sound card, allowing for quick plug-and-play connectivity, and works with all digital modes. There are dozens of free downloadable programs available, and the innovative circuitry eliminates the delay control.


What sets the MFJ-1205 apart is its ease of use. Initial setup requires only a few no-solder jumpers, and interface cables are available for all popular radios. Once connected to your computer's USB port and radio's data or accessory jack, it's ready to use. There's no need to disconnect the microphone or deal with multiple patch cords. The front-panel controls make it simple to set Receive and Transmit levels, and the unique internal detector circuit handles the PTT line, eliminating the need for a front-panel "Delay" control.


The MFJ-1205 is compatible with virtually every data and digital-voice mode available today, from traditional modes like  CW, RTTY, SSTV, AMTOR, PSK31, and EchoLink to newer ones MT-63, WINMOR, WSPR, and WSJT-X. With the right computer software, the MFJ-1205 and your radio can handle it all. To make it even easier, MFJ offers a complete line of patch cables to fit all radios equipped with rear-panel Data and Accessory jacks.


Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to digital communication, the MFJ-1205 is a user-friendly, compact tool that delivers exceptional performance.

 Here are just a few of the MFJ-1205`s advanced features

  • Full USB connectivity
  • Powered by USB port
  • Dedicated on-board sound card
  • Quick plug-and-play connectivity
  • Incredibly easy to adjust and operate
  • Works with all digital modes
  • Dozens of free downloadable programs available
  • Innovative circuitry eliminates the delay control
  • Complete line of interface cables for all popular radios
  • Low cost, small size, light weight
  • Perfect for base station, portable, or "go-kit" applications


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