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1.75mm Natural ABS Filament 1kg (2.2lbs) Spool

Stellar Labs ABS is an excellent filament for 3D printing because ABS has more strength, flexibility, and higher temperature resistance. The actual melting temperature is higher at 220~260°C. ABS is also more recyclable. ABS is also more easily sanded and machined.

ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene ABS is made by heating Hydrocarbons in what is known as the "Cracking Process". Once the Cracking Process has been completed, the Compounds are formed into Chains that are known as Polymers. In our scenario; Then the Polymer is Extruded into Long Strings, with a Specific Diameter, and Melt Flow Index; during this process Colorants and other Additives are added.

Almost all printers on the market are configured to run with ABS. Our colours come in white, blue, red, natural, black silver or grey. It is important to remember that different colors of ABS may have slightly different physical properties, and all temperatures are therefore estimations.
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