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Performs better than it should
Review by Dale C. K8TS
160 on a city lot needs compromise. This is a shortened 160-80-40 antenna which was purchased exclusively for 160. Out of the package it was good to go on 1.835. It is hung at a point on the tower at about 30 feet. One leg extends to about 40' and the other about 25' in height. Mfg. spec's 160 at a bandwidth of about 20KHz, but with my tuner I am under 1.5:1 from 1.820-1.870 far exceeding the spec's. It is a little low, but best I could do. Heavily constructed and durable. It is hung in a "lazy V" fashion with as close to a 90* separation at the center as possible. The only downside is it is rated at 500w, but have accidently operated at 1.5 with no ill effects. No counterpoise is needed. Had a couple questions and contacted Alpha-Delta and got immediate answers, showing good factory support. 100' can fit on most any lot. Outperforms my Cushcraft monoband vertical with radials hands down. Each antenna installation is different, your mileage may vary. Quite happy.

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