Ameritron 500W Solid State Amplifier without Remote Control Head ALS-500M

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500W Solid State Amplifier without Remote Control Head


  • Mobile no tune Solid State Amplifier: uses four rugged 2SC2879 high power linear RF power transistors.
  • Instant bandswitching:, no tuning, no warm up... just turn on and operate. makes mobile QSOs safer.
  • Very Compact: Just 3 1/2 x 9 x 15 Inches -- fits in nearly any mobile installation; weighs only 7 pounds.
  • Extremely quiet: quiet low speed, low volume fan stays off and silent until temperature rises.
  • Output Power: 500 watts PEP, 400 Watts CW
  • Continuous Coverage: 1.5 to 22 MHz 10/12 Meters with easy to install optional kit.
  • Load Fault Protection disables and bypasses amplifier if antenna has excessively h high reflected power or if bandswitching is set lower than exciter frequency -- virtually eliminates damage because of operating error; has Load Fault LED indicator.
  • Thermal Overload Protection: disables and bypasses amplifier if temperature is excessively high; automatically resets when temp drop to safe level Thermal Overload LED indicator.
  • Excellent harmonic suppression: multiple section output network, push-pull output circuit has excellent harmonic suppression.
  • DC current meter: lets you monitor collector current.
  • ON/OFF Switch: bypasses amplifier for "barefoot" operation without having to disconnect high current power supply cables.
  • Remote ON/OFF Control lets you remote control ON/OFF function for out-of-the-way mounting of amplifier.
  • Exciter Drive less than 100 watts input gives full output.
  • Power Supply Requirements: requires 14 VDC at 80 amperes peak current for PA transistors and separate line for 14 - 16 VDC at 4 amperes for control and bias circuits.
  • Made in USA
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