Jet Lube SS-30 Coax Sealant

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Jet Lube SS-30 Coax Sealant


SS-30 is the name that Hams trust!  

SS-30 copper paste is literally copper plates, providing protection against seizure, oxidation, and heat/freeze cycles.  The high-quality content of copper particles prevents metal to metal contact, maintaining lubrication qualities under a wide variety of temperature, contraction, and cyclic pressures and loadings.

SS-30 contains pure copper micro-flakes that are then are homogenized into a complex grease-base.  SS-30 contains no lead or graphite, nor does it require any mixing; nor will it separate, settle out, harden or dry out in storage.  That's right, it will not dry out in storage.  Furthermore, it is fortified with corrosion inhibitors.

SS-30 is super easy to use!  It brushes on easily, and then adheres tenaciously to whatever it is applied to.  It brushes evenly into thread roots as well as covering smoothly over any surface, thus assuring complete and efficient coverage.  Easily applied even in wet conditions!

Purchase your Jet-Lube SS-30 Coax Sealant, Anti Seize and Thread Lubricant Packet (5 grams) from GigaParts today!



Jet-Lube SS-30 Anti Seize and Thread Lubricant Packet:

• Use with radios, switches, coax connectors, nuts and bolts, slides, press fits, bushes, flanges and more!

• Improves conductivity of outer ferrel on coax connectors

• Improves metal to metal contact

• Protects against heat/freeze cycles, rust, and corrosion

• Use with terminal lugs, just "add a dab" and tighten down screw

• Prevents seizing on aluminum tubing joints

• Prevents minor galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals

• Use when tightening mast clamps to prevent seizure

• Lead Free!

• Service Rating –65°F (–54°C) to 1800°F (982°C)

Conforms to Military Specification MIL-PRF-907F   

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