APC BE850G2 850VA 450W Desktop UPS

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APC Back-UPS BE850G2 850VA 450W Desktop UPS

Power and help protect all of your critical electronics while maintaining your internet connection during prolonged outages. The new and improved APC Back-UPSTM keep you connected to what matters the most by providing more runtime and battery backup outlets than ever before. 

The new APC Back-UPSTM optimize home and small business uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) by focusing on the most critical aspects of power protection:

More Runtime: Power your critical electronics for longer than ever before; the new APC Back-UPS are capable of powering your wireless networking equipment for up to nearly 6 hours after shutting down your PC or other high-powered devices.

More Battery Backup Outlets: Power more of your critical electronics during a power outage; the new APC BackUPS have more battery backup outlets than ever before.

USB Ports: Conveniently located USB port(s) allows you to charge and power your mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, portable gaming consoles, etc.) during power outages.

Smaller and Lighter: The new APC Back-UPS are smaller and lighter than previous models, allowing you to easily relocate and position your UPS in any environment. Never let a power disruption interrupt your life again, with the new APC Back-UPS powering your critical electronics:

  • Check Email
  • Stream Movies and TV Shows
  • Make Phone and Video Calls
  • Continue Gaming
  • Maintain Home Automation and Security Systems
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