Arduino Workshop, 2nd Edition: A Hands-On Introduction with 65 Projects

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Arduino Workshop, 2nd Edition: A Hands-On Introduction with 65 Projects

The Arduino is an inexpensive, flexible microcontroller platform that makes it easy for hobbyists to use electronics in DIY projects. With its wide range of input and output add-ons, sensors, indicators, displays, and motors, the Arduino offers you countless ways to create interactive devices.

Through 65 hands-on projects, Arduino Workshop will teach you the tricks and design principles of a master craftsman. This edition has been updated for the latest version of the Arduino IDE and revised to reflect current hardware and technology. It includes coverage of general electronics concepts as well as schematic diagrams and detailed images of components. You’ll experiment with touchscreens and LED displays, explore robotics, use sensors with wireless data links, and control devices remotely with a cell phone.

Throughout the book, hands-on projects reinforce what you've learned and show you how to apply that knowledge. As your understanding grows, the projects increase in complexity and sophistication. Along the way, you’ll learn valuable lessons in coding, including how to create your own Arduino libraries to efficiently reuse code across multiple projects.

Build projects like:

  • An electronic version of the classic six-sided die
  • A GPS logger that records and displays travel data
  • A keypad-controlled lock that opens with a secret code
  • A binary quiz game
  • A motorized remote control car with collision detection
  • Whatever your skill level, you’re sure to have fun as you learn to harness the power of the Arduino for your own DIY projects.


  • A chapter on creating your own Arduino libraries
  • Updated robotic vehicle projects
  • Newer shields that leverage GPS, 3G, and LoRa data transmission capabilities
  • A chapter on MAX7219-based numeric LED displays and LED matrix modules

Covers Arduino IDE 2.x

Table of contents:


Chapter 1: Getting Started

Chapter 2: Exploring the Arduino Board and the IDE

Chapter 3: First Steps

Chapter 4: Building Blocks

Chapter 5: Working with Functions

Chapter 6: Numbers, Variables, and Arithmetic

Chapter 7: Expanding Your Arduino

Chapter 8: LED Numeric Displays and Matrices

Chapter 9: Liquid Crystal Displays

Chapter 10: Creating your own Arduino Libraries

Chapter 11: Numeric Keypads

Chapter 12: Accepting User Input with Touchscreens

Chapter 13: Meet the Arduino Family

Chapter 14: Motors and Movement

Chapter 15: Using GPS with Your Arduino

Chapter 16: Wireless Data

Chapter 17: Infrared Remote Control

Chapter 18: Reading RFID Tags

Chapter 19: Data Buses

Chapter 20: Real-time Clocks

Chapter 21: The Internet

Chapter 22: Cellular Communications

***Covers Arduino IDE 2.x***

Author: John Boxall

May 2021, 448 pp.

ISBN-13: 9781718500587

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