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ARRL Handbook (2015 Hardcover Edition)
The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications
The ARRL Handbook is widely used by radio amateurs as a reliable and highly-respected guide to station design, construction, modification, and repair. Introduced in 1926 as the Radio Amateur’s Handbook, each edition has remained true to this publishing legacy: a concise source of reference and information for applied radio electronics and experimentation. Chapter by chapter, you will discover the theory, practical information and construction details to expand your knowledge and skill as an Amateur Radio operator and experimenter. This ninety-second edition of The Handbook is at the forefront of the growing field of wireless telecommunications. The book covers not only the fundamentals of radio electronics—analog and digital—but also practical circuit and antenna design, computer-aided design, digital operating modes, equipment troubleshooting, and reducing RF interference. Many projects and construction articles are included to help enhance your station and expand your participation as an active radio experimenter. Practical applications and solutions make The ARRL Handbook a must-have for hobbyists and technical professionals, finding its way onto workbenches, operating desks, and into university libraries and classrooms.
Dozens of contributors help ensure that each edition is updated and revised to reflect the latest advances and technologies:
  • New Projects
  • Simple Adjustable Tracking Power Supply
  • Tri-Band Moxon Yagi Antenna
  • A Legal-Limit Bias-T
  • An Eight-Channel Remote Control Antenna Switch
  • New Information
  • Updated material on the state of Solar Cycle 24
  • Recommended parts for modifying circuit designs and fine-tuning performance
  • A package of useful applications on CD-ROM from Tonne Software, including a new version of the ELSIE™ filter design program
  • Annual transceiver model review
  • CD-ROM Included! The CD-ROM includes all of the fully searchable text and illustrations in the printed book, as well as expanded supplemental content, software, PC board templates and other support files.

System Requirements: Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, or Windows® XP, as well as Macintosh® systems, using Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® software. The Acrobat Reader is a free download at PDF files are Linux readable.
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