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ARRl'S Novel Antennas

Radio Amateurs to one extent or another all experiment with antennas to get the best performance they can. But few have ever considered anything beyond the basic antenna designs - this book tries to set that right with a myriad of 'novel' antenna designs from around the world.

What is a 'novel' antenna anyway? This book does not include designs for standard Yagis, quads, quarter-wave verticals, horizontal loops, delta loops, magnetic loops, off-centre-fed dipoles or any of the more standard antenna designs that are found elsewhere. Although you won't find a standard dipole in this book, you will find the choke dipole; magnetic loops tuned by a variable inductance or a novel home-made capacitor rather than the usual vacuum variable; the 'Super Moxon', which adds a pair of directors to the standard Moxon Rectangle design; an orthoganally steered receive antenna that provides incredible levels of rejection of interfering signals; the home-made 'Wonder Whip' for QRP portable operation; a mobile antenna that can double as a car roof rack and, the original Spiderbeam construction project.

Product Details
Softcover: 192 pages
Publisher: Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB). First Edition (2014)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781 9101 9310 5
Product Dimensions: 6.85 x 9.45 inches
Shipping Weight: .75 pounds

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