Arrow Antenna 146Mhz 2M Back-Pack Portable Antenna 146-4BP

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Very portable, Works well for Distant Repeaters
Review by Ben
As the name implies this antenna is portable in a backpack but I recommend a tall one like a rucksack or hiking pack. The elements CAN bend so be careful and maybe use velcro cable wraps to keep everything stiff. Performance both TX/RX was great and I checked into a net on a repeater 12 miles away through brush no problem with an HT. If anything it maybe receives *too* well and I couldn't get it to direction find easily.
Drawbacks: To install the antenna connector I recommend misaligning the gamma match because the connector sits too close to the boom otherwise. As mentioned the elements are not meant for abuse so be careful. In terms of ergonomics, I am working on a handheld-friendly solution. Thinking of using a gopro stiky mount under the connector on the side of the boom and a selfie grip to hold. Otherwise, there isn't a good way to hold the antenna long-term so try your own creative solution.

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