Arrow Antenna II Satellite Antenna - Split Boom with Duplexer 146/437-10WBP



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Simple, Easy, Worth It!
Review by Brian - N0NAM
This is my first beam antenna in Ham, I was nervous about keying up on AmSats, but this was a breeze! The instructions for assembly are very clear and easy to remember. It is lightweight, I can hold this at shoulder level for hours. It has a quick takedown that splits it into 2 pieces that easily fit into the trunk of my car. I didn't need to fine tune it, I was able to hear and hit satellites right away. Sensitivity is a bit strange, I'm not sure if fox hunting is suited for this, because I'm hearing chatter from repeaters that I'm aimed away from. The packaging it comes in is not resealable, so it does not make for a great carrier, but all in all, breaks down to a size I can easily fit into a cue stick case or similar.

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