Arrow Antenna 4-Element 2m Yagi Antenna 146-4S

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Well constructed and you need an antenna tester.
Review by JAL
This is my second Arrow antenna and they are both well constructed and sturdy. I have two 2m Yagis. This one and a M2 2M4. The M2 is more difficult to construct as centering the elements requires adjusting and measuring. The Arrow is easier to construct as it has predrilled and tapped holes in the center of the elements. On the other hand, the M2 is easier to tune as the "T match" works out of the box. The Arrow really requires an antenna tuner as the default placement of the "Gamma match" was not optimal for me. Of course one needs to be far enough away from the antenna to test the SWR. Also, if you use a Yagi in the vertical orientation the mounting pole (or at least this section of the pole) should be non conducting, _not_ as depicted in the photo.

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