Astron SL-15R

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Astron SL-15R 15 Amp Power Supply

"Slim Line" Series. More compact than the standard models. Solid State electronically regulated. Feature fold-back current limiting to protect the power supply from excessive current or shorted output. Chassis mounted fuse. Less than 5 mv ripple peak to peak (full load and low line).

* Solid state electronically regulated
* Fold-back current limiting protects power supply from excessive current and continuous shorted output
* Crowbar over voltage protection on all models except RS-3L, RS-4L and RS-5L
* Maintain regulation and low ripple at low line input voltage
* Heavy duty heat sink
* Three conductor power cord

Manufacturer Astron
Model # SL-15R
Product Description 15 Amp Power Supply
Input Voltage (VAC) 115 Volts AC
Output Voltage (VDC) 13.8 Volts DC
Amperage (Cont.) 12a
Amperage (Intermittent) 15a
Ripple Voltage 5 mV
Fold-Back Protection Yes
Crowbar Protection Yes
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) inches 7 x 2.625 x 9.75
Warranty 1 yr

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