Blemished MFJ-4035MV 35A Adjustable Regulated Power Supply SN151052

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Blemished MFJ-4035MV 35A Adjustable Regulated Power Supply SN151052. Back of unit is dented but does not affect performance. 


Massive heavy-duty 19.2 pound transformer... No RF hash...Adjustable 1 to 14VDC...

The MFJ-4035MV Heavy Duty Conventional Power Supply is excellent for powering HF or 2 Meter/440 MHz transceiver/accessories. A massive 19.2 pound transformer makes this power supply super heavy duty! It delivers 35 amps maximum and 30 amps continuous without even flexing its muscles. Plugs into any 110 VAC wall outlet.

The MFJ-4035MV Power Supply is highly regulated with load regulation better than 1%. Ripple Voltage protection, fold back short circuit protection and over-temperature protection.

You get front panel adjustable voltage from 1 to 14 VDC with a convenient detent set of 13.8 VDC. A pair of front-panel meters let you monitor voltage and current.

The MFJ-4035MV Power Supply has three sets of output terminals include a pair of heavy duty five-way binding posts of HF/VHF radios, two pairs of quick-connects for accessories and a covered cigarette lighter socket for mobile accessories.A front panel fuse holder makes fuse replacement easy. Whisper quiet fan speed increases as load current increases -- keep components cool.


  • Input Voltage: 110 VAC
  • Output Voltage: 0-15 VDC Adjustable
  • Output Current: 30 Amps continuous, 35 Amps Intermittent
  • Output Regulation: Less than 1%
  • Ripple Voltage: Less than 1mV
  • Protection System: Over Voltage protection
  • Fuse: 5 Amp
  • Dimensions: 9.5”W x 6.1”H x 9.7”D
  • Weight: 19.2 Lbs
  • Three different Output terminals:
    • Five-Way binding post for HF/VHF radio
    • Two Pairs of Quick connectors for low current accessories
    • Cigarette Lighter Socket for mobile accessories
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