Blemished Premium 34 Foot Carbon Fiber Mast

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Blemished Premium 34 Foot Carbon Fiber Mast

Our premium carbon fiber masts offer several key benefits over the competition!

1. Lighter than aluminum or fiberglass

2. Stiffer than steel

3. Looks beautiful 

4. Excellent corrosion and UV resistance

5. Excellent compression properties 

6. fully Insulated

7.  Tooless design means there is nothing to lose!

8.  colored stops to show you when to stop extending the section

Section Measurements

1.  22 MM

2.  25 MM

3.  28 MM

4.  31 MM

5.  34 MM

6.  37 MM

7.  40 MM

Max Weight Capacity

30 Pounds

Closed Length

72 Inches


4.8 Pounds

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