Blemished West Mountain Radio RIGblaster Advantage SN185520

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Blemished West Mountain Radio RIGblaster Advantage SN185520. Box lid cut from shipping, no issues with internal packaging.

Internal sound card generates audio completely independently from PC's sound card Single plug and play USB cable connection to PC - no separate rig control cable or power supply needed Mic input with PTT override and interrupt for automatic switching between voice and digital modes Includes Instant Setup Connectors and cables for microphone configuration with over 2500 radios Front panel mounted transmit and receive audio controls with VOX delay control Rig control interfaces for CAT, CIV or DB9 on radio CW keying output for keyboard CW and RTTY software

Adding the completely integrated sound card eliminates the need to reconfigure a computer's internal sound card for digital mode operation and frees the computer's existing sound card to generate system sounds, music etc. The RIGblaster Advantage also offers compatibility with over 2500 radios, built-in Rig control, true keyed CW, and Mic/keying/audio flexibility.

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