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Very handy accessory to have
Review by David
I recently had a magnet mount antenna, loose a fight with a tree limb. Actually, only the aerial lost the fight, the mag mount didn't sway. Problem was, the magmount was of the S0239 variety and I had not other antennas with that mount. I originally purchased another brand SO239 to NMO adapter but it didn't accommodate the tall height of the SO239 coming up out of the mount. The Comet wins by including the (matching finish) chrome plated thick spacer. I suspect the set screws found in the main NMO ring will function quiet well to take up an additional small amount of eight while helping bind everything together so the antenna base will be easy to remove (fingers crossed). The thinner washer seen under the thick spacer is not, or was not included in my purchase. Comet could also do better with the product photo which makes many believe they may be getting the SO239 and coax seen in their photo. End of the day, I'm glad I purchased this one, it'll save a magmount from the junk box.

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