Comet Antennas Soft Case for CAA-500 Analyzer CAA-5SC



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Design Change
Review by Jonathan
The soft case for the CAA-500 Analyzer has been redesigned, and therefore an excellent accessory for the meter, and strongly recommend the purchase.
Not bad, first one made wrong
Review by Jeffrey
This case seems well made. However the one I got had the top panel backwards so the holes were in the wrong place. Gigaparts replaced it with a correctly made one, but I still had to pay for shipping the old one back, increasing the cost by about 20%. I guess the warranty is not all that inclusive. It seems to me that if they send a defective product it should be on them to cover the costs of replacing it with a good one. My only complaint about the replacement is that there is no cutout to access the charging jack on the analyzer.
Good idea, poor implementation
Review by Jeff
This case seems to have everything you need to protect your CAA-500 Mark II from usual wear and tear. However the top panel is backwards. The top of the analyzer has two antenna connectors (1 PL-259, one N) and a nickel plated stub to which the lanyard attaches, which sits between and behind the antenna connectors. Problem is the case has the hole for the stud in FRONT of the antenna connectors. This means absolutely NOBODY ever checked the case before allowing it to be produced. A sharp knife can correct the problem, but this is a simple and gross oversight in QA. Consequently only one star.

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