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Pay attention when ordering
Review by KN6BMO
I purchased Comet 2x4SRNMO but ordered the CP-5M not noticing the part number for NMO.
Thanks to an easy return policy the problem is being resolved. PAY ATTENTION.
PS Order/shipping department might want pay attention when a customer clearly orders parts that don't fit together before they ship it out.
Excellent mount for no Holes
Review by WV1Q
I used this CP-5NMO on my new Versa Mobile set up. One condition of mine was not holes in the new Mobile. This mounted right to Trunk Lid with no problem and adjusted to the exact angle my antenna would clear the trunk opening. Great receive and you can add a ground braid under the 4 micro screws to reinforce the grounding of the mount if your have a need to not mark up you car.

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