Comet Antennas HD-5 3/8-24

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Will not work for all situations. Limited adjustability.
Review by Robert
I purchased for a Chevy Equinox. Only place to mount it is a small area of the rear hatch on the left or right side. Unfortunately, the way this mount is made, the adjustment to make a ham-stick stand straight is impossible. You are forced to have it at an angle which is ridiculous. Small holes in a circle have to align with the adjusting pivot however, the angle of the lift gate makes it impossible. I thought and tried the straighter hatch lid at the bottom, but the lateral support tab of the mount interferes with the vehicle rubber bumper cover. Although it did not seem to scratch it, I was not willing to take a chance on potentially ruining it over time.

I feel I should have picked the Diamond mount as I have had three before and never had an issue on my Equinox. In the past they were for SMA mounts where this was to be used for ham-sticks. I never used a Comet before, and this proves Diamond has a better design. This is my experience. Your experience may differ.

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