Comet LD-5M Mobile Antenna Adjustable Lip Mount

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Comet LD-5M Mobile Antenna Adjustable Lip Mount

Comet LD-5M Mobile Antenna Adjustable Lip Mounts

Comet LD-5M Mobile Antenna Adjustable Lip Mounts are perfect when "small" is just right!

With a very small footprint, Comet LD-5M mounts are your solution to limited space, curved edges that won't take wide mounts, wanting a minimal appearance, or using small antennas.

These mounts are adjustable in two planes, rotate, and have a soft rubber pad so they won't mar your vehicle's paint. They also include a rain cap, and are held securely in place with the included set screws.

Their low-loss coax cable is over 16 ft. long--the first 18 in. of which is mini coax for a better weather seal fit. They are fitted with high-quality SO-239 and PL-259 connectors with 24-karat gold-plated center connections.

A note about Comet coax:

"The mini coax is neither RG-188 nor RG-174… it is actually 1.5D-QEFV Japanese coax. Comet states it is 'RG-174 type' coax because they have similar loss and diameter specifications. Initially RG-188 was used in comparison but was changed to the RG-174 comparison because they are more similar. The balance of the coax is Japanese 3.5D-QEFV. There is no 'RG' equivalent to 3.5D-QEFV. RG-58 connectors will not fit the 3.5D-QEFV coax, the Comet coax has a larger outside diameter and a larger central core and has about 30 percent less loss than RG-58. All of the coax cables produced by Comet use the Comet (Japanese) low loss coax. Mick Stwertnik - NCG Company"

What's the right mobile mount for your vehicle? It's the one that fits your needs and your antenna perfectly! Comet LD-5M mobile antenna adjustable lip mounts could be your answer when "small" is best.

Power specs for Comet LD-5M mobile lip mounts:

  • HF: 100 W
  • VHF: 75 W FM
  • UHF: 50 W FM

These power ratings reflect the use of mini coax for ease of installation. For high-quality, convenience and value, it's hard to beat these Comet LD-5M Mobile Antenna Adjustable Lip Mounts 

Brand: Comet Antennas
Manufacturer's Part Number: LD-5M
GigaParts Number: ZCM-LD-5M
Part Type: Mobile Antenna Mounts
Product Line: Comet LD-5M Mobile Antenna Adjustable Lip Mounts
Antenna Mount Base Type: UHF
Magnetic Base: No
Cable Included: Yes
Cable Length (ft.): 16.50 ft.
Cable Connector Type: UHF male, PL-259
Cable Connector Adapter Included: No


  • 16ft 9in of coax
  • 18in of mini RG-188
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