Comet Antennas RS-720NMO

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Medium Duty Lip Mount - No Coax - NMO    

Medium duty lip mount, 3 adjustment planes.
Attach to any lip on the vehicle, vertical or horizontal, as long as the lip is no more than 1/4" thick.  The mount will adjust to vertical. 
Recommended for antennas up to 60” tall.
The RS-720NMO has a 3/4” hole to accept an NMO mount.
The RS-720 has a 5/8" hole to accept an SO-239 (PO) type connector like the standard mobile cable assemblies: 3D4M, 3D5M, CK-3M, CK-3M5
The RS-730 is a similar lip mount however the footprint is larger.  If you have limited space along the lip edge, the RS-720 or RS-720NMO is a better option.
 Footprint:  2.1" x 1.15"
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