Comet Dualband mobile Antenna SS-680SB 2m/70cm, UHF, 27"

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Comet Antennas SS-680SB 2m/70cm, UHF, 27"

The Comet Antennas SS-680SB is a dual-band mobile antenna designed for use with 2m/70cm and UHF radios. It features a spring base that helps absorb impact from tree limbs, debris, and other obstacles, making it more durable and resistant to damage.

To use the Comet Antennas SS-680SB, you will need to connect it to your radio using the included gold-plated PL-259 connector. The antenna can then be mounted to the top of your vehicle using a standard antenna mount. Once the antenna is installed, adjust its position and angle for optimal signal strength.

The SS-680SB provides a gain of 2.15dBi at 146MHz and 4.15dBi at 446MHz, which improves the signal strength and clarity of your transmissions. The antenna has a VSWR of 1.5:1 or less, ensuring low loss and good performance. It can handle a maximum power of 80W, which is ideal for most mobile radio applications.

Overall, the Comet Antennas SS-680SB is a high-quality, dual-band mobile antenna that is easy to install and provides reliable performance. With its durable design and excellent signal strength, it is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their mobile radio communications.

Comet SS-680SB 2m/70cm, UHF, 27"

Dualband mobile antenna with a spring base to absorb brushes with tree limbs, flying debris, garage doors, etc...  No antenna is indestructible, but the spring will help keep the antenna from breaking in most cases

Gain& Wave:
146MHz  1/2 wave 2.15dBi
446MHz  5/8 wave 4.15dBi
VSWR:  1.5:1 or less
Max Power:  80W
Length:  27"
SS-680SB:  Gold-plated PL-259
SS-680SBNMO:  NMO Type
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