Cougar Gaming E-MARS 150 Motorized Sit/Stand RGB Gaming Desk - 3M1503SB.0001

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Electrical Gaming Desk
COUGAR E-MARS 150 comes equipped with motors to achieve the best ergonomic gaming desk. The easy and height adjustment releases the pressures of the lower body and protects your health after a long session of gaming. The spacious desktop with dazzling RGB effects creates an immersive gaming experience. Not just a gaming desk, COUGAR E-MARS is a dream piece of furniture for all generations.

Don’t treat COUGAR E-MARS as just a gaming desk, it is also a furniture for relaxation. During each gaming session or waiting for teammates to join, adjust the height to the standing position to relax your back and shoulders and increase blood circulation. Less fatigue from your body, you will get more concentration in the next round.

Constructed with dual motors, COUGAR E-MARS allows the maximum lifting load of 100kg. With easy lever control, you can easily adjust your desk height from 70cm to 115cm. With a motor volume lower than 50dB, you can rest assured of a quiet operation during midnight gaming time.

Dual-sided RGB Lighting Effects
To increase more immersive feeling in your gaming atmosphere. E-MARS provides various RGB lighting effects. It is also compatible with motherboards’ 5V connection with Asus Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light Sync, and ASRock Polychrome Sync for system-wide lighting synchronization.

Convenient Display Extension
The control box of E-MARS features a monitor extension, via Type-c port to HDMI female connector with *exclusive Type-c to Type-c cable, you can easily extend the laptop’s monitor to accomplish the streaming or video recording to reach much more productivity.

Advanced and High-speed Links
With the control box, you will have the transfer extension of USB 3.0 Type-C port, two USB 3.0 Type-A ports, and audio jacks for reducing the long cable clutter.

Ergonomic Gaming Space
Highly ergonomic designs like curved edges and rounded corners give you a better and more comfortable gaming experience. The deep under-desk tray will help you organize the wires, plugs, or adaptors smoothly.

Purchase your Cougar Gaming E-MARS 150 Motorized Sit/Stand RGB Gaming Desk at GigaParts today!

*The exclusive type-C to type-C cable for monitor extension is included in the standard package; other cables may not guarantee the availability of the monitor extension feature.

Height Adjustment Features

Adjusting Lever and Memory Heights

The intuitive adjusting lever increases the sensation of height controlling and 4 memory settings can quickly respond to your need.

Automatic Safety Brake for Emergent Collision

We've established COUGAR E-MARS is more than a gaming desk; it’s a vital piece of home furniture. It equips the automatic safety brake for preventing the careless obstacle in-between or severe shakes while adjusting the heights.

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