Cougar Immersa TI Wired Stereo Gaming Headset

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Solid headset for an affordable price
Review by Dan
Like most gamer types I have had so many headsets over my almost 40 years of existence. I've had a lot of good ones, and bad ones. This is one is a good one! One of the most comfortable headsets I have ever had. It reminds me of an old razer headset I had. The Kraken.

The earcups are super plush and comfy. They are some sort of faux leather coating as is the head strap, but that is par for the course these days as far as headsets go. The band is some sort of spring metal going through those orange tubes. It really helps keep the weight down it seems and I like that it's METAL. I can't stand the cheap plastic headbands you get on most headsets. They hardly last and just feel cheap. That's one of the reasons I bought this one.

The mic is retractable, and this is really my only complaint about the whole thing, and the only thing holding it back. The Mic design is a bit dated. These roll up retractable mics go back like a decade. It is hard to beat a good old fashioned cardioid mic like this one has since they just work, are well balanced, and doesn't sound like you are talking into a tin can, but... I would have rather seen a flip up design. Other than that though I love it. SO comfortable. It can get a bit warm, but they all can. That's nothing new. If you are looking for a comfy wired headset that won't break the bank this is a solid choice. Gigaparts has all their Cougar stuff on display in the store too so you can go get touchy feely with it. Wish I had known about this brand before now.

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