Create Log Periodic CLP-5130-2N 105-1300MHz Log Periodic Antenna

Create Log Periodic CLP-5130-2N 105-1300MHz Log Periodic Antenna SKU: ZCM-CLP-5130-2N
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Create Log Periodic CLP-5130-2N 105-1300MHz Log Periodic Antenna

Create CLP-5130-2N VHF/UHF Log-Periodic Antennas are high-gain, wideband directional beam antennas. Designed for horizontal polarization, they may also be mounted vertically with user-supplied hardware.

These antennas are capable of transmitting on all amateur bands from 2-meters through 23-centimeters at 500 watts power! Forward gain from 105 MHz to 1,300 MHz is 11 to 13 dBi, depending on the frequency. They present an SWR of less than 2.0:1 across their entire 1,195 MHz range of operation. They are also suitable for use in scanner listening, VHF/UHF television, aviation band, government communications, and business-band radio.

These log-periodics use a specially shaped aluminum boom that allows for movement of the phasing line. Additionally, distortions in the vertical and horizontal planes have been minimized and adjustment of the element-alignment is unnecessary. This results in a more uniform radiation pattern when compared to similar antennas.

Create Log-Periodic antennas are very easy to assemble when compared to other log-periodic designs. Quality is seen everywhere… even the boom-to-mast bracket is made of a rugged magnesium alloy. A Type N connector is employed for maximum signal transfer at high UHFfrequencies. To fully utilize the bandwidth of these antennas requires a high quality coax, like DXE-400MAX or LMR-600.

If you don't have the space or resources to put up several VHF and UHF antennas, Create CLP-5130-2N VHF/UHF Log-Periodic Antennas are truly your one-antenna solution to VHF/UHF operation up to 23 cm! 

2:1 or less SWR: 105-1300MHz
Elements: 17
Polarization: Horizontal
Gain: 11-13dBi
F/B ratio: 15dB
Half power point: 70-60 degree
Max power: 500 watts
Boom length: 6ft 8 inches
Max element length: 4 ft 4 inches
Weight: 11 lbs
Connector: N-connector
Construction: Aluminum
Max wind speed: 90MPH 

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