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Diamond Antenna X510HDM Base Antenna 2m/70cm UHF 17ft



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Impressive Performance
Review by Brian
This is my first base antenna, and was recommended to me from a fellow Ham. Easy to install (even without help) and the SWR is incredibly low (1.4:1 and less). The 8db gain really reaches out to an impressive 40 miles on 50 watts with the antenna at around 30 ft. Can't wait to upgrade to a 9700 and see what 100 watts will bring to the table. Heartily recommend the X510 to anyone who wants a great antenna at an affordable price.
Great Antenna
Review by Mike
Very well made! Went together fast I'm 20miles north east of Wheatland Wy i can hit repeaters from Laramie to Scottsbluff NE to New Castle Wy and to Custer SD that's 130 miles straight line! Not bad! i do have an elevation advantage over most in the area but its not great! It comes down to a good radio and coax and a damn good antenna!
LIne of sight? Ya right.
Review by Michael
I live in a hole literally. I am 25 ft above sea level, I have mountains all around me. My closest mountain is about 150 yards at about 200 feet in height, from me to the east, 2 tenths of a mile is about 300 feet north and west and 500 yards one is about 500 feet.

So I can talk from my house over the mountain range on 40 watts 100 miles and my antenna is mounted 4 ft above my roof and there is no way in hades that you could see the other antenna in the valley floor over the mountain range from my house. I also talk 30 miles to the north but for some reason I can't make it 30 miles south but hey, it's line of sight right? Right! Tell me that again.
This is an awesome antenna considering all the obstacles this thing has to overcome not to mention it is surrounded by houses that are taller than the bottom of the antenna.
Would I buy it again, I don't think I have to because I really believe this thing will last 20 or 25 years. It has survived 60 mile an hour winds with no problem.
Great Antenna
Review by Terry
I had previously put up a 4 foot Diamond 2 meter antenna. I had great reception going north 60 miles away, but due south was unintelligible. Static, with garbled voices.

Frustrated, I bought this 13-foot antenna. Absolutely perfect reception in all directions with this antenna mounted to the same mast as the 4 foot 2-meter antenna it replaced. Not a snap, crackle, or pop of static. My cheap little 2-meter radio (Kenwood TM-281) puts out perfect sound.

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