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Mama, why does a man in a parachute come down slow? Papa, why does my little car speed down the racetrack? If you've heard questions like these from your little one, then it's time to explore the scientific principles of force. This Smart Box kit includes everything needed for your child to perform five fantastic force science activities -- Parachute, Balancing Seahorse, Newton's Cradle, Car and Track and Coins Drop. Ein-O’s I Know Guide includes details about force science and explanations about how and why the experiments work. Comes in a sturdy plastic storage box -- your child will come back to this kit again and again! For ages 6+.
Busy hands build strong minds! Children are curious by nature and one of the best ways for them to learn is by asking "how does it work?" These Smart Boxes set out to help kids investigate amazing scientific principles and to reinforce learning through hands-on exploration. By building problem-solving skills children develop a thirst for additional learning and educational experiences.
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