MFJ End Fed 1/2 Wave 300W 40M-10M Wire Antenna MFJ-1984MP



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Works Great
Review by N0WHA
I have been using this for POTA this past year and have had no issues and tons of contacts. Easy setup and always good SWR. Using the G90 for POTA.
Great Antenna
Review by Sean
Let me start by saying I don't write many reviews and I'm a newer ham operator. But this little antenna deserves a review in my opinion. I have three antennas that I have used, a Chameleon MPAS 2.0 and a TN Engineering flag pole and this Endfed. I understand the two are verticals and this is a wire but let me just say this thing is outstanding. I live in an HOA and I've basically turned the $400.00 flagpole antenna into a mast to hold this wire up. I have it set in a poorly established inverted "V" if you can even call it that. The center is 33' high and then ends are about 8' off the ground so the angles are not what is recommended for a true inverted "V". I live in eastern TN and my house is down in a hole, the ground for the house behind me is higher than the center of my antenna. The antenna is in a North to South configuration so my radiation pattern should be going mostly East to West. I use a Yaesu FT891 100w and have worked states on 40m from California, Oregan, UT, SD to name a few to the west and DE, CT, MI, MO, ON to the North with the average signal report of 5/5. I do struggle with WV and FL. Texas comes in better on my verticals. I have no DX contacts with this other than ON and I do get some DX on my verticals. But this has become my favorite antenna for WAS and the best ~$100.00 I have spent on Ham Radio Equipment. I can't say enough about this little wire. I'm so impressed by it that I think my permanent installation will be a wire antenna that will work 80m also. Great little wire antenna.
Works well w/out a tuner
Review by Ish
For my configuration it works pretty well. I can work all four bands without an external tuner. The SWR is below 2, but I use my Yaesu 991A internal tuner to get it down to 1.1. I'm working 40 and 20m right now without too much of a problem. The fed end is about 18' high sloping down to 11'. Works well enough. I've noticed that during rain 40m is pretty noisy though. That could just be my particular setup. I switch to 20m on those days fine. 15/10 are dead but that is not the antenna, just the bands this time of year. Great value for the price.

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